Chikara Komura


Born:May, 1942. Hokkaido. Japan

Photo Career

2004 Started to take digital pictures with EOS 10D.
2006-2018 Belongs Field Seminar (lecturer: Atsushi Sato) at Yotsuya Shasin Juku)

Main Recent Exhibitions

2007-2018 Portrait Gallery, Yotsuya Shasinjuku Group Exhibition
2011-2014 Gallery COSMOS. COSMOS Exhibition
2011-2015, 2019 This Year’s Cherry Blossom, CROSSROAD GALLERY, Yotsuya 4 chome & Roonee 247 fine arts, Kodenma-cho
2014, 2016, 2019 RAIEC Tokyo Satellite Portfolio Exhibition
2016.5.24-29 Solo Photo Exhibition ‘Flowers in the Sea’ at Roonee 247 Photography. Yotsuya, Tokyo


2013 Selected in 38th JPS,for ”Tokorozawa”
2013,15,18 Mt. ROKKO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL Photo Review, selected.
2015 Nominated for Excellence prize in 40th JPS,for ”Murmur of Stone”
2020 Circle Foundation Contest Finalist, qualified for exhibition in Art Expo 2020 New York and will be exhibited in November 2021 in NY. Foundation 2020 Honorable Mention Award, for Hydrangea in the Sea’, Texas Photographic Society’s exhibition, 33rd Annual Members-Only Show, September 17-November 14.


2012.12 ASAHI CAMERA , Nominated for the Second prize by Hiroh Kikai with “Red Juban Kimono”
2016, June, Flowers in the Sea, PhotoCon, pp.164-6.
Photo Book ‘Flowers in the Sea’, May 2016、Tokorozawa Photo Studio, available at Amazon, Japan                                                                                                         2020  'Agave in the Sea,' and 'Tritoma in the Sea', Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine , Issue 19, PP. 62-63                                                                                       2021 'Flower Peach in Town', Spotlight , Spotlight Art Magazine, Issue 23, p.90






2004 年よりキャノンEOS 10Dでデジタル写真撮影開始。

2006年-2021年 四谷写真塾フィールド・ゼミ所属(講師:佐藤篤)


2007-2021 四谷写真塾合同展、(於)ポートレート・ギャラリー
2011-2014 コスモス展、コスモス・ギャラリー
2011-2015, 2019 「ことしのさくら」展、CROSSROAD GALLERY 四谷四丁目 & Roonee 247 fine arts 小伝馬町
2014, 2016, 2019 RAIEC Tokyo Satellite Portfolio Exhibition
2016.5.24-29 個展「海中の花」 ルーニィ247 Photography. 四谷四丁目

2021.2.22-3.6 個展「海中の花II」十一月画廊、銀座7丁目11-11長谷川ビル3F

2013 第38回JPS展入賞 「所沢」
2013,2015,2018 六甲山国際写真祭フォトレビュー入選
2015 第40回JPS展優秀賞「石のつぶやき」

2020 Circle Foundation Contest 最終選考入選, 2021年11月にNYで展示予定。

2020 9.17-11.14 Texas Photographic Society's Exhibition 33rd Member's Only Show, Honorable Mention Award



2012.12 『朝日カメラ』月例写真第2位「赤襦袢」評者:鬼海弘雄
2016.6 『フォトコン』「海中の花」164-6頁。
2016.5 『海中の花』所沢写真工房

2020. 「海中の竜舌蘭」、「海中のトリトマ」Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine No.19, PP.62-63.

2021「街中の花桃」Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine No.23, P.90